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The purpose of this policy is to have clear guidelines on how to deal with the clients to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.


• Initial consultation is conducted with the client by a qualified accountant.
• After initial assessment is completed. Before any work is commenced, have client engagement in place, which is signed by the client. A copy of the client engagement is provided to the client.
• Ensure appropriate commitment is made to the client.
• Ensure client is informed about the payment structure, appropriate professional fees and timelines to complete the job.
• Ensure client has details of relevant people responsible for doing the job.
• Creating and maintaining client files all times.


• Deliver on time every time, take complete ownership and responsibility of the assigned job.
• Be punctual for all meetings and appointments. Do what we say.
• Answer client questions/concerns and provide update to the client of job status.
• Make notes in the workflowmax each time we communicate with the client. Update job notes each time a contact is made as the job progress.
• Do not file tax return unless appropriate signatures are obtained, and signed copy is saved in the job.
• Treat each client fairly with dignity and courtesy.
• Build and develop relationship with the client.
• Complete small jobs with in 7 days and large jobs within 28 days of receiving all information.
• Retuning client queries as soon as possible.
• Provide regular updates to the client.
• Inform and prepare client in advance for any upcoming issues
• Ensure each client is assigned to a primary contact.


• Check emails regularly throughout the business day.
• Aim to reply within in 24 hours.
• If a detailed response is required provide within 5 days.
• Communicate clearly.


• Ensure log of all incoming calls are recorded in a phone system. Before transferring the phone call to a specific person, brief that person with the information before transferring the call.
• If the specific staff member is not available to answer the call, ask the caller to give an appropriate time to call back, and pass the information to that staff member.


• Ensure client files are maintained in Workflowmax, including latest contact information.
• Setup appropriate relationship between clients, associated person and entities.
• All active jobs must be recorded in workflowmax at client level.
• Ensure client info is current and correct.
• Record specific client instructions into their respective files.


• A proper invoice is always issued.
• A reasonable quote is provided to the client. Once accepted it must be acknowledged by the client.
• All new clients are billed 50% fees in advance and balance on completion.
• Ensure clients have understood and agreed with our professional fee.


• All client information is received from the client. Where information is received in the paper format, information is scanned, and the original is returned to the client.
• Protect client’s confidentiality and do not disclose client’s personal information.
• Always be open, honest and truthful to client.
• Do not get involved in the conflict of interest situation.
• Ensure client has provided us the best available information.


• Ensure employees are trained to do their respective jobs in a professional manner.
• Only take the jobs where we have experience and capacity to complete the work in the allocated timeframe.
• Ensure staff is learning and developing new skills. Make funds and time available for their CPD (continuing professional development.)
• Ensure each staff understand IBBZ Policies and Procedure. Including Quality Control while working on client files.
• Keep client request the top priority. Great focus on client needs.
• Ensure email is the mode of communication so that it can be traced.
• Be polite and friendly with clients, be able to understand their needs.
• Always ensure correct information is provided to the client. Tax advice is only provided by the registered qualified accountant.
• Use of out of office to ensure clients can contact the other person.
• After hours mobile phone. Over the weekend client can contact us if the need arises via mobile phone.
• The “out of office” feature of outlook should be used when staff are on leave. Include details of another person for the client to contact during any absence.
• Ensure more than one person knows about the job, so if a person responsible for job is out of office the next available person and complete the job.


• Conduct annual client survey to receive feedback.
• Encourage clients to provide us reviews. Using paper-based client testimonials or Google Reviews or a web based on form on our website.
• Deal with the negative feedback. Get in touch with the customer and understand their issue, offer resolution.
• Deal with the customer complaint and follow customer complaint policy.

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