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Joshua Moore
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IBBZ helped out with my IRD submission and it was a great result. Very prompt and efficient service.

Ivan Leslie
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Hilton Group LTD - excellent financial management from IBBZ accounting - highlight was accurate returns completed to IRD and ensuring maximum utilisation of cash flow to sustain business through tough times.
Chris Guthrie
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A great company that values honesty and professional services to help and deliver positive outcomes for all.
Frans Hafkamp
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Professional, helpful and good communication with IBBZ Accounting. Thanks for your help with my FIF tax return.
Tim Higgs
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Very helpful and friendly to deal with. In particular helped me with sorting out my GST registration and some late payments which they sorted out successfully. Would definitely recommend and have found them helpful with ongoing tax returns as well as being reasonably priced when compared to other options.
Alison Reid
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IBBZ are the most wonderful accountants, I feel safe, well looked after and completely taken care of. I don’t need to worry about anything. They are complete professionals and look after all my needs. They take all the stress out of the paper work. I would highly recommend using them AAA+++.
Christine Wiesen
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I came to IBBZ with a problem of double taxation and my local accountant just didn't have the knowledge to help me. These guys sorted everything out for me and were always quick to respond and easy to get a hold of. I can't recommend them enough!
Dan Wacokecoke
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Awesome service, highly recommend to others wishing to sort tax issues with rentals.
Richard Yates
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I felt like IBBZ were on my side: there to support:)
Nathan Tamihana
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Providing us with answers that we needed to know from a professional point of view.
Anne Thompson
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The team at IBBZ have really taken the time to get to know me and my business, leveraging my situation into the best possible outcome. Saurav's advice and the teams dedication has proven invaluable over these uncertain times.
Maria Pamela
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IBBZ has been a real value for us as a start up company. They understand the challenges we face as a new company amidst the Covid19 pandemic times. They were professional and reliable in meeting our accounting needs. A perfect score is not indicated here because it is still early days of working with them. However, we can attest that their service has been excellent so far.
Roberto de Souza
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I had a great experience with IBBZ Accounting doing my company tax return.
Shane Ross
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I cannot recommend this company enough. Very professional and efficient. They have helo me greatly over the years providing good outcomes. Pricing is really good value for money too. Look forward to doing more business with them in future. Thanks IBBZ Accounting.
Lisa Minhinnick
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Hi, Thank you so much to the team at IBBZ for helping me with my tax. I had reached desperation and wasn't making any progress with my accountant, i had been summoned to the high court by IRD and the IBBZ team helped me to seek an adjournment and get the professional help i required to negotiate and settle my debt with IRD in record time! I couldn't believe it!! I am so grateful for their professionalism, accuracy and expertise !! I highly recommend IBBZ !! thank you so much now i can continue to work and have integrity as a NZ citizen!! it feels amazing.
Marcelle Lupton
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I found IBBZ Accounting LTD to be very very helpful, i dealt with all my tax issues very well with inland revenue.
i would not hesitate to use them again.
if you are looking for a good company to help with all your tx issues, look no further. they are great.
Hayden Lambarth
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Cannot Recommend the team at IBBZ enough! I was stuck in a rut trying to sort out my taxes, contacted ibbz and they got straight to work and have helped me immensely and got a very favorable outcome just wish I had of gone to them right from the start. Sreenath, Saurav and Shruti are so easy to deal with and very understanding and compassionate. Don't hesitate to get in touch with them for any accounting needs.
Kim Young
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Absolutely incredibly competent firm made up of people who are friendly and truly committed to helping you. I cannot speak highly enough of this firm and their willingness to assist and work with you to help you navigate through simple or complex and challenging accounting needs. For me they worked through some complex tax related queries that were daunting and that I was struggling with and achieved a great outcome. They have great communication and always respond in a timely fashion. I highly recommend this firm to anyone looking for accounting services that are truly customer focused.
Gail prujean
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Would highly recommend this team, I was in a black hole which I didn't think ii would get out of without losing everything, then I contacted ibbz accounting Ltd, they sorted the whole lot out, the outcome was fantastic, better than I expected, can't thank you enough for everything you have done, I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders, if anyone out there is in a bind with ird, don't hesitate to contact this team, they are the best
Emma Phillips
Fantastic team at IBBZ! They have helped me immensely with overseas income and tax, response time is almost immediate, and all questions are thoroughly answered.
Very trustworthy.
Jabin Lamble
Becoming a contractor after being on PAYE my whole life I thought how hard your own tax can doing be so for the first 3 years I did it myself and messed it up big time! I ended up owing IRD money accumulating penalties and interest with business running completely in the red. From the first meeting Ibbz were helpful, understanding, and willing to work out a payment plan for their services. They successfully negotiated with IRD on my behalf and sorted my tax issues out. They also do my returns for me and help to stop any issues before they start!
Jamie Sanders
IBBZ Accounting was very helpful in sorting out my overseas income. They responded quickly and answered all my questions. I would definitely recommend IBBZ, especially for complicated or overseas tax filing.
Le Cirque de JP
I have been dealing with IBBZ people since last year and i must say what a relief, so professional and proactive for everything. Thank you very very much, highly recommend to any businesses small or big willing to take the stress out of admin work.
Needless to say, excellent Customer Service and superb communication.
By so far, one of the finest tax expert team I could expect.
I would recommend to anyone who struggle with tax issues.
Navy Chuon
Excellent service and helpful people.
IBBZ Accounting are amazing . Customer service is there I feel confident with them they always help you and are very polite and reassuring , They bring back your confidence knowing that they are always with you . I like them .
Sergio Ritossa
Great guys, helped me out.
James Gardner
An excellent team with great communication.
I "highly" recommend talking to IBBZ accountants when going through the process of sorting out a stressful tax situation, I did and decided to trust in them to help me. It was the right decision.
Competent and well-versed with personal tax matters.Thank you Saurav and team for the tax advice and services rendered.
I am very happy to hear that my tax penalties have been waived. Thank you very much. I received an email from IRD advising my wife's tax penalties have been refunded. Well done guys and many thanks!
Great service. Very helpful. Keep it up.
I am grateful for IBBZ accounting services who helped me through an IRD tax audit with a favourable outcome and they continue to help me with my GST returns. They are very friendly and approachable.
Very professional in dealing and all the staff have excellent knowledge of taxation, accounting and the laws which they use to guide you the best way to structure your small business. Very satisfied customer.
Amazing service with amazing staff
Helpful, friendly and honest accountants.
Saurav and the team did an excellent job on our NZ and international taxes, fully recommended, really nice to deal with.
Very good people to deal with and very effective. Very happy with the results. Highly recommended
Mike Organ
After spending many years and several accountants, I thought the nightmare with IRD would never end. After sleepless nights and stress, a google search was all it took, with outstanding reviews and a quick chat. They changed my life forever, very helpful and understanding, great team to work with.
Thank you for your help everyone.
Awesome people to work with, we were done over by so many accountants, we finally found people who actually helped us, i would definitely recommend... really helpful you wont be disappointed
Jack Jevas
My wife and I are very grateful to Saurav and his excellent team at IBBZ Accounting for providing us with an impressive service. We were 5 years overdue with our income tax returns, which was due to circumstances well beyond our control. Our overseas incomes were actually still being taxed in the UK, and we were genuinely unaware of the 'Double Tax Agreement' between NZ and the UK, and its implications. However, we are delighted that Saurav and Ravi managed to exercise their superb negotiation skills and expertise to provide us with the desired outcome. Ravi's determination and perseverance in getting the job done is highly commendable. We therefore recommend IBBZ Accounting to anyone who happens to be faced with a similar problematic tax situation as ours.
Anthony Mason
Needed a clean start with tax returns. Got great results from this professional team, feels like l have known these guys forever -would like to recommend them to anyone with tax issues,many thanks
" Amazing Top Service by Saurav and the Team at IBBZ, Very happy with the outcome, huge amount of stress and sleepless nights over as a result of the efforts of IBBZ."
"IBBZ Accounting have been outstanding with providing excellent
services throughout from the day we joined to date.
W.A INTEROR PLASTERING LTD recommends them to any company
that needs accounting services.

Thanks from use here at W.A ltd for all the hard work keep it up."
"IBBZ made setting up my business easy and stress free. They are always on hand to answer questions and help me understand my taxes in a simplistic way. Would recommend!!"
"Extremely knowledgeable with complex issues and great to work with."
"Excellent, friendly and professional accountants."
"Very professional and extremely knowledgeable team of accountants"
"Very good accounting team. We were in loss of our business din't have any way to come out. Fortunately we meat saurav , he given us not only right advice but also right direction. Now i am very proud to say we did bounce back and from loss to profit of business. This all possible because of saurav he is not a CA but also a mentor for us. Thanks saurav and Alwin. Great environment, god bless the team and team's family."
"Saurav, Ravi, Alvin, Prabhjit and the IBBZ Accounting: A Professional and Proactive NZ Accountant you can count on.
IRD Tax Audit with a favourable outcome, Tax Relief “DO NOT DO ANYTHING YOUR WAY” but get in touch with the PROFESSIONALS.
Their Professional response and with listening to every stress that you have, will create a systematic response and evidence to make your life stress free. Their wisdom and wealth of knowledge, with the most complex of accounting and IRD matters are explained in detail will be actioned with professional accuracy and to make your life concentrate in operating your business daily activities.
Do not try to do things your way, get hold of the Principal Saurav and Ravi and the team.
They have a wide range of different skills that you can sit down and design what you can do or can achieve with their experience.
They are very friendly and easy to work with; your success is their success.
They look after our accounts, payroll for our staff, arrange of our audit account.
Business partner that will make your business achieve the best outcome.
Keep up the great work team. "
"Fantastic service and so patient and kind!"
"Super Helpful and knowledgeable team and fully recommend"
"Excellent people and very professional and very helpful you can rely on, keep up the good work guys. Cheers !!!!"
"Saurav and his team of professionals are excellent to deal with. They have a very wide ranging skills to suit any investment/accounting matters.
They are awesome to deal with/very approachable. They will listen to your every detail and take the stress of dealing with Inland Revenue.
Thoroughly recommend to anyone having issues with IRD.
Pleasure to deal with IBBZ/rate them the BEST."
"IBBZ Accounting handled my case very professionally and efficiently, brought it to a very good conclusion. I was very happy with their service."
"Excellent Service, very helpful and responsible staff keeps you and your Business up to date"
Isaac and Shona
"As owners of a small thriving construction business, we can't thank IBBZ Accounting Ltd enough for all the hard work and dedication they have done to take our company to next level thinking. They are in constant contact to make sure things are done right, filed and paid on time. Their knowledge of all the rules and regulations are always up to date so they never miss a beat. Highly recommend Saurav and his team of professionals."
“I am grateful for IBBZ accounting services who helped me through an IRD tax audit with a favourable outcome and they continue to help me with my GST returns. They are very friendly and approachable.
Happy with IBBZ Accounting Limited.”
"An extremely professional service provided in a timely manner!"
"Fast, efficient and friendly .Thanks again for the great service."
"I am grateful for IBBZ accounting services who helped me through an IRD tax audit with a favourable outcome and they continue to help me with my GST returns. They are very friendly and approachable."
"Pleasant and relatively non-intrusive. Did not interfere too much with my work. Staff were always friendly and helpful. Got my tax debt cut by more than 50% which made life a lot easier. Highly recommended."
"Becoming a contractor after being on page my whole life I thought how hard can doing your own tax be so for the first 3 years I did it myself, and messed it up big time I ended up owing Ird money and business running completely in the red. From the first meeting Ibbz were helpful, understanding and willing to work out a payment plan for their services. They are negotiating with ird for me and taken a huge amount of stress off my shoulders. With their help I’m slowly building back up into the black and starting to get ahead. I I highly recommend them and their service."
"Excellent tax and business advice and always on top of my yearly accounting requirements."
"Highly recommended, always ready to help you in whatever situation you're in. Nothing is too difficult for them. Thank you for all you do for our company"
"A very helpful team.
Saurav was great in helping me with business & personal taxation.
In fact they now do all my PAYE for my staff and make my life easier.
Also sound planning advice was given."
"I had been struggling to get on top of my tax debt for the last few years. I was crippled by IRD and could not see a way out until I contacted IBBZ accounting. They promised they could help me even though I couldn't even afford their services. They went above and beyond to help me and succeeded to have my debt wiped and give me back my life. I am grateful for their patience and understanding and I would recommend IBBZ accounting for all your accounting. I believe that my case was one of their most difficult cases if it were not for them I don't know what I would have done"
"Professional, discrete and knowledgeable. Tax advice and solutions that saved my bacon. Would recommend this company to everyone - affordable and efficient."
"Excellent service and advise. Never to busy to assist and always on time with requirements"
"Saurav & Alvin are fantastic to deal with. They get the job done quick and with no fuss. Good price too. I look forward to using IBBZ services again in the future."
"IBBZ accounting;is the best company and People i've ever met,they being helping me a lot to restart my business;i was about to quit because im closed to bankrupt; but without their support;i won't be in business now im back to business nw;I just wana thank them for their love and support....thanks again from the bottom of my heart....GB"
"Amazing team! I would definitely recommend IBBZ Accounting for any of your tax/accounting needs. I can assure you will be well taken care of!"
"These guys are super professional and never stop trying. Felt like I had a hopeless chance of success however no matter what obstacle they encountered they never stopped battling for me and got an amazing and unbelievable result against IRD. If you are looking for tax help these guys are the people to reach out too!"
"I cannot recommend the IBBZ Accounting team enough, they are knowledgeable, professional and caring. They make you feel like an individual with your best interests at heart."
"IBBZ has been doing our personal tax returns, business tax returns, daily accounts and payroll for our staff for the past 5 years. I would recommended them to any one in a heart beat. They are very professional to deal with and responds to queries quickly. I am a busy person running a business and have a full time work and rely on IBBZ to assist all the time and they have not let me down for the years I have worked with them. Thank you for your support and keep doing what you guys are doing! 5 Stars!!!!!"
Ken & Lixiang
"Dealing with Saurav, Ravi and the team were exceptional! they put so much time, effort and hard work to help us and guide us along all the way. Keeping us in contact and following up. Lixiang and I would like to thank you all and for your excellent service and being so helpful. All the best to you all. Many Thanks!"
"Very pleasant, Generally easy to deal with. Explained process well, making things run smoothly. Great outcome!!
Would recommend to any business."
"The IBBZ Teamhandled discussions with IRD on our tax matters superbly. Their initial estimates of results were delivered efficiently, and with a minimum fuss. Furthermore, their advice on the various ratios and indicators for the business will be invaluable for future planning for success."
" I had a long term problem with IRD due to mistake in one of my tax returns, which I had not been able to resolve for a long time. Good thing I was able to find IBBZ and they responded to my request for assistance regarding my problem. Ravi has been wonderful in handling my case and resolved my problem very successfully. Thank you, Ravi and IBBZ. Glad to have reached out to you."
"Thanks to Saurav and the team at IBBZ for helping me with my issue related to tax owed on share options received from my employer. Due to lack of understanding of the tax laws I had accumulated a significant unpaid tax bill for shares received over a number of years. I had no idea how to proceed but after meeting Saurav he was able to recommend a strategy to pay off the outstanding tax while avoiding penalty charges. I'm happy to recommend IBBZ to anyone seeking tax advice."
"Very helpful and very easy to talk to made sure I understood exactly what was happening throughout the whole process and everything worked as they planned and said. Great people to work with."
"I found IBBZ to be very helpful throughout the process of sorting out my tax debt, and would recommend them to anyone I know who are in a similar position as I was."
"IBBZ accounting have helped me and my business out of what looked like an impossible situation. They took over all negotiations with IRD and were able to put together an agreement and payment plan that met the requirements of IRD and that I am able to commit to. At the same time they were able to negotiate some major tax relief that my previous accountant never tried to do. Going forward Saurav and the team have given me a structured process that ensures we never get in trouble again. I can not thank the team enough and recommend them as the first and only call you should make if you are facing IRD issues or just need solid accounting advise. "
"1. Excellent advise on accounting and tax related matters (Specialized Advise).
2. Pro-active and consistent follow up with advise and assistance.
3. Very satisfied with work done and advise provided.
4. Good performance resulted in substantial tax savings.
5. Special gratitude to Saurav and Ravi for their professionalism in advise and performance.
6. Took upon themselves the stress which I would have gone through in my busy schedule."
"Thank you so much for all your hard work. It is a huge relief to finally have this sorted. I would also like to say how pleasent it has been dealing with you all at IBBZ."
"Very helpful and informative saved me from court proceedings and liquidation. Thanks very much"
"I am very pleased with the end result RE- negotiating on my behalf with IRD. Thanks Sandy."
“I approached IBBZ mid 2015 for dealing with an intransigent IRD department looking to bankrupt me. They dealt with IRD and mentored me through legal and financial dealings. I avoided bankruptcy saved the business and received a large refund. I recommend IBBZ ”
"IBBZ Accounting has provided me excellent service going above and beyond the nature of their business. IBBZ Accounting did great job with my business in difficult time. I was struggling and they assisted me. I strongly recommend IBBZ Accounting. AA Rating."
“I discovered that I had a tax liability going back five years as a result of incorrectly assuming my tax obligation relating to company share allocations (from a global multinational). Upon discovering that I had not been handling the shares correctly, I contacted Saurav (from a google search) who promptly assessed my situation and took me through what my obligations were and what was required to self declare my overdue tax liabilities to the IRD and bring my account up to date. Saurav submitted the correct tax returns going back to 2011 and the overdue tax obligation was fully paid, however I was hit with overdue penalties and interest totalling approx $11,000. Saurav negotiated on my behalf with the IRD and was able to have the total amount amount remitted;with no penalties or interest being payable.”
"Saurav and Sandy have been so awesome with helping our business and myself get out of debt. If it was not for them, we don't know we would have gotten this far and out of debt without them, and we are forever grateful to them."
“IBBZ worked for a year on my behalf to negotiate a settlement with the IRD that I was happy with and, importantly, could afford. I always felt they acted in my best interest and gave me honest feedback and advice. Their knowledge and expertise were a welcome comfort in what was a stressful time for myself and my family. I have no hesitation in recommending them to others in the same situation.”
"I had tax debt from 4 years ago hanging over me and finally had to do something about it. IBBZ Accounting have been absolutely fantastic in securing me a very favourable outcome. There communication with me throughout the whole process has been fantastic. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking tax help and consolidation."
"I have found IBBZ Accounting to be very professional, knowledgeable, personable. I cannot thank them enough for getting me out of a very difficult time dealing with tax debt. I would highly recommend IBBZ to anybody with outstanding tax debt or any business needing top of line accounting services"
" We can sincerely say IBBZ Accounting have been amazing. They have been able to help us structure our business to save money. We are thankful for the kind and friendly staff. We feel confident and safe with them, easy to communicate with, always giving us the best advice. Always open to us anytime. Very genuine people who really care about your business. Highly recommend to anyone looking for honest accountant."
"Our company came to IBBZ Accounting with a huge tax debt. From the beginning Saurav, Sandy and rest of the team have helped us out over and above my expectations. Not only they helped our company but also personally as well and showed us how things are done.

I recommend them to anyone who is looking for not only great accountants but great people as well."
" From start to finish Saurav and Sandy were upfront as to how to deal with my situation. Their advice was spot on and helped to move forward rather than continuing on the path we had found ourselves on. I would highly recommend their services to any business owner in need of tax advice and business issues"
"IBBZ have always answered any questions I have had. Very pleasant to deal with. The outcome RE the AutoXXXX Ltd tax debt is very pleasing and I am extremely happy with this."
"I found dealing with IBBZ an absolute pleasure. Saurav and Sandy have been really good to deal with and communicate with. I have found their tax advice very helpful. You guys have helped me and my business so much to sort out my tax problems and deal with the IRD to negotiate my tax debt. Thank you so much and looking forward to work with you in the future"
"We had significant amount of tax debt, we were under a huge stress. A hugh weight has been lifted off our shoulders. A huge help wonderful service. Thanks again"
S. Beauvais
“I was about to have divorce with my wife as I was going to lose our family home in lieu of payment of taxes. IBBZ saved me, I will be very grateful to Sandy for the rest of my life”
M. Mulipola
“Due to cashflow problems, I was left behind in payment of taxes, and that was the end of my business. I was about to be declared bankrupt but IBBZ helped me to seek hardship relief where majority of my tax disappeared.”
A. Singh
"I am a Taxi Driver, Sandy and Saurav assisted me in filing over five years of tax returns and negotiated very good payment plan for me to repay my taxes. I was under a serious depression and just because of IBBZ team I am living very happy life now. I will highly recommend IBBZ to you if you are filling burden of overdue tax.”